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Cheryl – Only Human (Album)

Only Human Album.

Cheryl is here with a new album, tomorrow in stores!

“I was exhausted, I’d had a solo tour and then toured with Girls Aloud so I took a year off to be with my family. It was the first time off I’d had in 10 years – it was a normal time. I did party a lot. I needed to let loose and it was the best thing I could do. The title sums up that time”


Crazy Stupid Love (Official Video)

I Don’t Care (Official Video)

Only Human (Full)


  1. Intro | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini
  2. Live Life Now | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, Edvard Erfjord, Barman H, T Havelock, Marshall L
  3. It’s About Time
  4. Crazy Stupid Love (feat. Tinie Tempah) | Wayne Wilkins, Heidi Rojas, Katelyn Tarver, Patrick Okogwu
  5. Waiting for Lightning
  6. I Don’t Care | Bonnie McKee, Joakim Åhlund, John Newman
  7. Only Human | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, Cass Lowe, Jo Perry, Matt Schwartz
  8. Stars | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, George Tizzard, Daniel Spencer, Dash Jones, Richard Parkhouse
  9. Throwback | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, R Parkhouse, G Tizzard, Camille Purcell, Nicola Roberts
  10. All In One Night | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, Edvard Erfjord, Barman H, T Havelock, Marshall L
  11. Goodbye Means Hello | F & F Nordose, J Schumann, C Leth, Bo Rande, Nicola Roberts, H Browne, C Smith, L Secon
  12. Coming Up for Air (Cheryl & Joel Compass) | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, Scott Hoffman, Cass Low
  13. Fight On | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, Cass Lowe, Scott Hoffman
  14. Yellow Love | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, Nicola Roberts, David Dawood
  15. Beats N Bass | Cheryl Fernandes-Versini, R Parkhouse, G & K Tizzard